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Entity Formation, Governance and Maintenance

Our entity formation practice encompasses thoughtful advice when considering the creation of all forms of business entities, including limited liability companies (LLC), corporations, partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLP), limited partnerships (LP) and limited liability limited partnerships (LLLP). We offer counseling tailored to the single equity owner entity, multiple equity owner, or the complex multi-level multi-owner entity structure.

A primary goal of our entity governance practice is to be proactive. We strive to provide clients with advice that is educational and, importantly, helps ensure the limited liability protections the chosen entity affords its owners. Consistent with this goal, we advise clients on best practices, trends, and potential and pending regulation and legislation.

Given the depth of our other management oriented practice areas, we are able to provide well rounded and complete up-to-date advice to our clients in every facet of entity formation, governance and maintenance.